Lady Duchess Cocktail Recipe

Have a bottle of prosecco or sparkling wine handy? You can recreate J. Alexander’s Lady Duchess cocktail at home with Chambord liqueur, honey, water, and a sugar cube. Learn how to craft this royal cocktail with our in-house recipe video.

Ian Dodson
J. Alexander’s Team


J. Alexander’s Lady Duchess cocktail is crafted by combining 6 oz. of prosecco or sparkling wine, ¾ oz. Chambord, ¾ oz. honey syrup, and one sugar cube as the finishing touch.


To create the Lady Duchess cocktail, first blend Chambord, a raspberry liquor, with honey syrup before grabbing a champagne glass and pouring the fruity mixture on top of a sugar cube. Finally, top it off with prosecco or sparkling wine and watch the sugar cube dissolve as you enjoy a sweet and sparkling treat.