Ahi Tuna Filet

Flown from the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, the Ahi Tuna Filets at J. Alexander’s are cut fresh daily by our classically-trained chefs. You can enjoy our seared tuna filets on top of the Asian Ahi Tuna Salad, or try the Ahi Tuna Filet that is topped with wasabi mayonnaise and served with mashed potatoes, tomatoes, and an unforgettable Toro dipping sauce.

Popular Types of Ahi Tuna Filet

The only type of Ahi Tuna Filet we serve at J. Alexander’s is fresh and never frozen. Our uniform steaks have just the right amount of fat and are seared and served rare so that the tuna steak can be the star of the dish. We serve our Ahi Tuna Filet with a distinctive Toro dipping sauce, and for sides offer silky and creamy mashed potatoes along with farm-fresh tomatoes

Ahi Tuna Filet Ingredients and Sourcing Info

We scoured the globe for a reliable source of fresh tuna and made arrangements for our tuna to be flown to each of our locations from the Marshal Islands two times a week. This cadence ensures our chefs have the right cuts to choose from every day as they sear each hand-cut filet over our live wood-fired grill. Seasoning and sauces are made in-house and prepared from local ingredients whenever possible.

Ahi Tuna Filet Health Benefits

Looking for a healthy light meal that is packed with just the right amount of protein? Try the Ahi Tuna Filet at J. Alexander’s. Tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help promote normal heart and brain health.

Ahi Tuna Filet Customer Review

I love my tuna steaks cooked rare, and they get the cook and sear perfectly here every time. I don’t know what they put in that Toro dipping sauce, but I always ask for more. If you visit this J. Alexander’s, do yourself a favor and ask for your tuna steak cooked rare!!
[Andy B.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Drinks and Sides with Ahi Tuna Filet

We cook our fresh tuna steak filets rare over a live wood-fired grill. Then we serve them up with fresh mashed potatoes, always seasoned perfectly. Other sides include farm-fresh tomatoes and our signature Toro dipping sauce. Ask your server about a light-bodied red or white wine from our local wine list to enjoy with your Ahi Tuna Filet.