Deviled Eggs Recipe Recipe

There’s a reason our deviled eggs are one of the most popular dishes at J. Alexander’s. Find out what makes them so tasty with our in-house recipe video!

Jacquelynn Brown
J. Alexander’s Team


J. Alexander’s famous deviled eggs are filled with egg yolk, sour cream, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and our homemade pickle relish. With a dab of hot sauce—our secret ingredient—a dash of white pepper and chives and candied bacon sprinkled on top, our deviled eggs will soon become your favorite dish.


At J. Alexander’s, even the simplest dishes are cooked to perfection. For our deviled eggs, we boil the eggs before spooning our creamy and delicious homemade filling into the egg whites, sprinkling some candied bacon on top for that flawless finishing touch.