Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Roasted chicken is something we do best at J. Alexander’s. We start with fresh and local chicken that is never frozen, and our seasoned chefs cut and prepare it daily. Together with farm-fresh vegetables and house-made signature sauces, we offer a variety of chicken sandwiches for our guests to enjoy, including the Hyde Park Sandwich and the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. For other roasted chicken options, check out the ultra-juicy Rotisserie Chicken.

Popular Types of Roasted Chicken Sandwich

The best Roasted Chicken Sandwiches are made with fresh local ingredients. That’s why we make nearly 100% of our menu from scratch, using the best high-quality ingredients available. You can taste the difference no matter what type of chicken sandwich you order.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich Ingredients and Sourcing Info

The chicken is sourced fresh by different suppliers depending on their location in the United States. We never freeze our chicken, and our kitchen cuts and prepares each piece by hand, using only the best seasoning and classic french cooking techniques.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich Health Benefits

Roasted chicken should be on the menu for nearly any diet. Chicken includes healthy servings of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other health-promoting nutrients. Skip the bun for an even healthier roasted chicken meal.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich Customer Review

I ordered my roasted chicken on a sandwich. The soft bun and fresh vegetables were a treat. I got mine with a side of fries and some ice-cold beer!
[Charles S.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Drinks and Sides with Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Enjoy your chicken sandwich with any of our sides, including a side salad, mashed potatoes, or crispy french fries. For a wine recommendation, ask your J. Alexander’s server. They are well-versed in our revolving local wine menus.